The Continuous and Prevailing Adventures of:

In search of magical items, our hero wizard heard of treasure in a cave behind the waterfall. After battling many runty kobold minions, their leader, a kobold wyrmpriest, attacked ruthlessly. Using a healing potion found on one of the kobolds, (The potion gave the effect of a short rest. As a controller in a solo campaign, I plan on giving Alek all the hit points he needs to survive encounter after encounter) Alek braced himself for the battle. However, after two critical hits in a row, the wyrmpriest drastically began to lose its steam. After looting the bodies, Alek used his least air elemental familiar to part the torrenting waters of the waterfall. Inside was a deep pit filled with filthy water. Across the trench was a bugbear warrior, a fearsome 5th level brute against our level 1 hero. But, using the the terrrain to his advantage, Alek used thunderwave to push the bugbear into the pit, while taking damage from the power and the fall. At the end of the battle, Alek pulled the unconsious bugbear out of the pit, then scrawled a note on a stray piece of paper, which he tucked into the bugbear’s gigantic hand. With the bugbear still knocked out cold, Alek used his mage hand to open the porticullis infront of the treasure. Chest in tow, Alek high tailed it out of the dismal cave, less the goblin wakes up again. Back home, Alek used a mace to smash the chest open. Inside he saw three vials. However, two smashed in the violent opening of the chest. After making an arcana check, Alek found the solution to be liquid residum, capable of enchanting items. The unbroken vial was enough to enchant Alek’s robes into +1 Robes of Lightning Resistance. Then he gathered as much residum as he could from the broken bottles, and managed to salvage 50gp worth of liquid residum, perfect for rituals. We ended the session to level Alek up to level 2. He will begin next time in, “Paralysis Peril”!!



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